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Do you have excess or unwanted facial hair? Electrolysis is your solution!


Come to About Face Inc. for permanent Hair Removal using the Apilus computerized electrolysis equipment! Electrolysis will eliminate your unwanted hair, improve your appearance and increase your self-confidence. With cosmetic and self-improvement benefits alone, this small investment pays for itself. 

• The ONLY FDA approved permanent Hair Removal Method (laser is not a permanent hair removal solution)
• Surgical standard of sterilization
• More effective than Laser
• Tina has over 30 years electrolysis experience for comfortable and effective results
• Tina uses the latest Electrolysis Technology for best results (Apilus Platnium 27 MHz)
Electrology is recognized in the medical community as the ONLY method of permanent hair removal. Laser hair removal only promises hair reduction and will only work on certain types of hair.
We use computerized, top of the line equipment (Apilus Platnium 27 MHz) which is now more effective than ever; as well as insulated sterile probes for your comfort and protection of your skin.

Tina adheres to the guidelines set forth by the centers for disease control, O.S.H.A. She uses only sterile disposable probes and practices all three modalities of electrolysis, using the one best fitted for your needs and skin condition.

Tina Rodriguez, Aesthetician in Overland Park, Kansas


7102 College Blvd, Overland Park, KS 66210

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