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Spectral Lash Eyelash Serum


Spectral.Lash is topical care designed to treat deficiencies in length, quality, and density of eyelashes. A clinically-tested dermatological treatment that utilizes the most innovative advances in biotechnology for eyelash growth; this is a revolutionary formula that delivers thick, beautiful lashes.

It contains a large amount of active ingredients such as Adenosine, which thickens and stimulates hair growth (it prolongs the anagenous phase and decreases the telogenous phase). It works by increasing the production of a protein called FGF-7, which is found in the papilla of the dermis (the part of the hair follicle that nourishes the hair as it grows).

Spectral Lash® contains a Vitamin Complex to protect and stimulate the emergence of new eyelashes and a Peptide Complex called Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17 that stimulates the expression of keratin genes to foster their growth.

Spectral.Lash provides dense, healthy lashes in just a month. Simply swipe it along the lash line and watch them grow.

Thickness and Health

Just like the hair on our heads, our lashes are subject to stress and damage. Spectral.Lash helps protect and condition lashes for a beautiful, natural look.

Spectral Brow Eyebrow Serum


Women and men have been applying make-up to make their eyebrows look thicker for thousands of years. Thicker-looking eyebrows can help structure your face and draw attention to your eyes. In recent years,  breakthroughs in biotechnology have rendered eyebrow make-up a thing of the past. Instead of just looking like you have fuller, healthier eyebrows, you can achieve it.

Taking those biotechnology breakthroughs to new levels of effectiveness, DS Laboratories is proud to present Spectral.BROW, our latest product, designed to stimulate eyebrow growth and density. 


Spectral.BROW not only enhances the appearance of thickness but also improves the health and quality of the hairs that grow.

Fuller, Denser Brows - Quickly

Spectral.BROW leverages DS Laboratories' proprietary ingredient Nanoxidil®, which we specifically designed to stimulate hair growth, without the negative side-effects of Minoxidil.

Nanosome Technology

DS Laboratories' cutting-edge nanosome technology allows ingredients to penetrate the skin to the desired depth, ensuring maximum efficacy with each active. Due to its higher stability, this technology offers you unique active ingredients at a higher concentration.

Revita Hair Stimulating Shampoo


Revita® hair-stimulating shampoo delivers superior results for men and women concerned about hair loss, thinning hair, and androgenic alopecia (female pattern baldness or male pattern baldness). Revita shampoo is formulated to maintain scalp vitality and act against follicular dysfunction, achieving the best results in a short period of time.  

In clinical studies, the unique hair stimulating compounds in Revita shampoo are associated with faster hair growth and new hair growth after episodes of hair loss. Key compounds include the dihydrotestosterone blockers (DHT blockers) ketoconazole and caffeine, as well as biotin, which is essential for hair growth.


Hypoallergenic Revita shampoo is suitable for all hair types.  

Visible Results  

Revita starts acting on your scalp, reviving hair follicles, from the first day of use. How long it takes to start seeing results depends on the severity and duration of hair loss. No matter how extensive your hair loss, using Revita daily will improve the vitality of your scalp, enhance the quality of your hair, and stimulate new hair growth.  

Synergic Active Ingredients  

Through the synergy of highly effective compounds, Revita maintains scalp vitality and acts against hair loss. By combining antioxidant and anti-androgen properties, plus potent hydrating molecules, hair-growth stimulants, and amino acids, Revita delivers the most effective hair-growth stimulating shampoo available.  



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